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Jones Ross Corporate Industrial Relations Consultants & Advocates


Welcome to Jones Ross, corporate industrial relations consultants and advocates. We provide a professional service to large corporations, educational institutions, and small to medium sized enterprises all over Australia.

  • We can assist your business develop and negotiate Collective Workplace Agreements and Individual contracts of employment including Interim Transitonal Employment Agreements
  • We can provide Award Interpretation Advice and keep you abreast of changes in awards and wage rates
  • We can represent your business in Industrial Relations Tribunals around the country in Unfair Dismissal Applications, Underpayment of Wages claims or industrial disputes
  • We can represent your business in Sexual Harassment or Discrimination Claims
  • We can draft and assist in the implementation of a wide range of Company Personnel Policies and Procedures
  • We can provide an Industrial Audit Service to assist your business in compliance matters relating to employees wages and conditions of employment

If you would like more detailed information on the services available to clients of Jones Ross, please view our services page and contact us.

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